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Poem from the past

A poem from our archives applies by Pamela -does anyone know who the author is? Some of you may recognise the personalities!

Down in BUDLEIGH SALTERTON just on half past two
Gather all the ladies - what a motley crew
Sorting out their music, settling in their chairs.
Ruth and Joyce are waiting - the afternoon is theirs.

Down in BUDLEIGH SALTERTON just on half past three
Gather all the ladies for their cup of tea!
Deep in conversation, chatting to a friend

Ruth and Joyce are waiting - will it never end.

Deep contralto voices enrich and inspire.
They get all the low notes 'cos they can't sing higher.
First sopranos warble - such a merry throng
Singing with great gusto - even when they're wrong.

Seconds sing so sweetly, hardest are their notes!

But when Ruth entreats them they open up their throats
Budleigh Ladies Choir dressed in white and blue
Harmonise their voices singing just for you


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